Linen is thought to be one of the oldest fabrics in the world, dating back to ancient Egypt. Due to its durability and texture, Linen is still a principal fabric for everything, from clothing to home furnishings.

Nowadays curtains made of linen or natural fabric blends are increasingly popular around the world. They are long-lasting, low maintenance and bring added life to almost any space.


Linen is at least three times stronger tha   n cotton. This gives it great durability, allowing linen items to be passed down from generation to generation with enduring appeal.

Our famous Lainen fabric, which is 100% recycled linen, is a perfect choice if you want a thick and sturdy curtain. Hispano Tex has a large range of colors to suit any style, which you can browse here.

Minimal Care

Another great advantage of linen curtains is that they require very little care beyond washing. With linen, it’s all about the classic, elegantly wrinkled look, so your linen curtains and sheers never need to be ironed.

If you are considering thin sheers or natural style curtains, we have:

  • GRAU a light 181 gsm curtain made with viscose and linen.
  • BANCAL a linen curtain with rustique and mediterranean style. Available in two different colors: natural linen and white.

Adding Texture

The surface of linen is irregular and slightly rough, allowing it to catch the light and create depth which other fabrics simply can´t match. When layered with smoother fabrics, it allows you to play around with textures in your bedroom, lounge or dining room for a truly unique look. It can be printed in many patterns and colours, but for most people natural linen is their go-to choice.

There are endless ways to mix and match linen in our homes, so we expect linen to remain a staple of interior designer for many years to come!

Linen Curtains are available now, in stock and ready to ship. Please use the link below to request a hanger or email us at: