Stars, planets and the moon – yes, this new collection is inspired by the magical outer space. We have created two trendy collections for the little ones at home.

Both collections are printed on a 100% cotton fabric called Canutillo, with 150g/m2 and 160cm width. It is a textile really light and extremely soft.

If you are interested in checking our new kids collection, please send us an email at marketing@hispanotex.com or click the following botton:

OZ collection

This collection is composed by four digital designs: GLINDA, TOTO, EMA and DORI and is bluish and grey tones.

If you want to check the whole collection, download our catalogue here:

CONSTEL collection

Constel collection is created in earthy colours and we can find four digital designs: AQUILA, ALTAR, CINCEL and LYRA.

OZ and CONSTEL collections are available now, in stock and ready to ship. Please use the link below to request a hanger or email us at: marketing@hispanotex.com.