We have created 4 new curtains made with recycled yarns, all of them certified by Global Recycled Standard (GRS).

For AW19/20 we launch these new articles: ETRUSCA, LAURETANA, DOLOMITI and PATMOS, already available in stock.


Etrusca & LAuretana are 100% recycled, made of post-consum plastic bottles and Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certifies them both the fabric material and the dyed process.

Both are available in 17 soft & pastel colors, very similar between them so they are easy to combine.

We have design a basic sheer for every home but with recycled fabrics, making sure that we reduce the environmental footprint:

Sweet & soft colors for Etrusca and Lauretana. The difference between them is we can see a thin slub in Etrusca’s warp.

For every meter of Etrusca, we recycle 18 plastic bottles of 1,5 liters. This item has a 94% of GRS (Global recycled Standard) and its composition is 100% PES and 117gr/m2:

We use 20 plastic bottles for every meter we produce of Lauretana. This curtain has 100% of GRS and its composition is 100% PES and 126 gr/m2.

  • DOLOMITI, a polycotton blend sheers

New recycled sheer with dyed yarn in the weft, making a thin stripe effect in the darker colors. It has a low shrinkage and the color fastness is ideal thanks to the recycled polyester.

You can find it in 21 trendy colors:

Dolomiti’s composition is 77% PES and 23% cotton with 84% of GRS. For every meter of Dolomiti we use 13 plastic bottles and the textile equivalent of 2 t-shirts, this means that the recycled cotton that we use is pre-consumer material which is the diverted from the waste stream during the manufacturing process.

  • PATMOS, cotton aspect with a fantasy drawing

Patmos is made of half polyester and half cotton (52%PES – 48%CO (60%GRS)), bringing out the best of both fibers.  Polyester is a synthetic fiber that is extremely durable; resistant to mildew; excellent at retaining their color and they hold their shape well which means it does not wrinkle easily. Cotton is a go-to material for all-round benefits, it offer a fresh, clean feel that suits traditional or modern decorating styles.

This new recycled fabric is reversible; you can see a different spike drawing in both sides. The drawing is woven so it gives a sophisticate touch to the curtain.

We offer this curtain in two color ranges: pastel and vibrant colors. In the soft range the slubs are more subtle while in the vibrant and darker colors the spike drawing pops out more.

For every meter of Patmos, we use the textile equivalent of 5 t-shirts. In addition, the yarn used is km 0, all local production to reduce the negative environmental impact in our planet.

Curtain recycled collection is available in stock; write us to receive a free-hanger.


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