Printed on CAUSE, a new printbase

Flowers are the perfect way to uplift a room and make it cozier. Whether the bright blooms or sweet aromatic scent appeal to your senses, flowers can add unexpected value to home decor in unique, artful, and attention-getting ways.

Therefore, we have launch a new flower collection: SECRET, with three type and size of flowers. This collection is available in 4 different colors: blue, pink, mustard and grey:

SECRET collection 2019 is printed on a new printbase: CAUCE with the following composition 73%COTTON – 27%PES. CAUCE fabric is ivory color with multiple slubs that gives a romantic and luxury style to this new collection.

SECRET collection 2019 is available in stock and ready to be shipped. If you want to receive a hanger, please click on the button below or write us an email here:



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