New life for denim: POST-CONSUMER recycled jeans

Denim is a strong, sturdy fabric that’s built to stand the test of wear and tear. It also provides a major benefit that can help close the fashion loop: it’s recyclable. To help keep clothing in our daily use and out of landfills, we’re launching our new article: SKINNY.

SKINNY is a new twill made with post – consumer recycled jeans, that is discarded textiles products (in this case jeans) that can no longer be used for its intended purpose, and we re-use this fiber mixed with other organic fibers to obtain a new article.

For every meter of SKINNY we recycle one pair of jeans. The composition of this new article is: 98% cotton and 2% of other fibers, and has a weight of 221 gr/m2.

The new sustainable fabric is 72% GRS (Global Recycled Standard) and is ideal for decoration products as cushions, plaids, tablecloths and curtains.

Right now, we have available JEFFERSON collection printed on SKINNY, and soon we will launch other pattern printed on this beautiful fabric.

How SKINNY is made:

The environmental cost of making a pair of jeans:

Everybody loves denim, so much that the average consumer buys four pair of jeans a year. Nowadays we need to me more conscious about the brew of toxic chemicals and hundreds of liters of water it takes to dye and finish one pair of jeans. The result of this process is a huge environmental damage to rivers, air pollution, ecosystems and communities in China, Bangladesh and India.

The impact of making a pair of jeans is approximately of 8.000 liters of water, 13 kg of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere and the use of 10 kg of chemicals in the process. What is even more shocking is the six heavy metals (cadmium, chromium, mercury, lead, copper and manganese) that has been found in Asia waters (far away from their original source) and can be really dangerous for our health.

The fast fashion industry has a high environmental and human cost and we need to bet for other ways to consume more sustainable products.


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