Flowers and leaves patterns are the perfect way to uplift a home and make it brighter and cosier. Some details like a bright leaves pattern or a sweet flower print in pastel colours can add an unexpected value to home décor.

Therefore, we have launched a new collection called TANGANIKA, that mixes little flower pattern and some jungle pattern vibes.

TANGANIKA collection is part of the BETTER COLLECTION, a new concept of modern designs printed in our beautiful print-base Lagos, with the following composition: 88% cotton – 12% PES.

In this collection you can find different trendy patterns, from classic pastel flowers like BLED design to savage patterns like UBARI that makes you dream with the stunning fauna from Africa.

TANGANIKA collection 2021 is available now, in stock and ready to ship. Please use the link below to request a hanger or email us at: marketing@hispanotex.com.