New designs for this season, printed on a recycled fabric: TANTRA



TANTRA textile is a cotton-linen fabric with a natural look. Its weight is 184gr/m and composition is 86% cotton – 14% linen. In TRANQUILA collection we can find different pattern styles, from a country side flair to a more Mediterranean look (specially Medulas and Degana patterns).

The whole collection is a combination of 14 different designs ideal for tablecloths, cushions and thick curtains.

Check some designs here:

This collection is certificated by Global recycled Standard (GRS), the certification that guarantees a responsible production and a reduction of harmful impact of production to people and the environment.

From HISPANO TEX we encourage to use more sustainable fibres and promote reducing the footprint in our Planet.

If you need more information about sustainable fabrics, please contact us here: